Shalini Arora

Simpra Holdings Limited founder Shalini Arora is a seasoned entrepreneur with a successful track record across multiple domains. She has conceived and led to fruition many ventures in the past25+ years. She has a keen eye for practical ideas and the risk appetite for breakthrough concepts.

Shalini began her career as an educationist and worked in several private schools and training institutes in India, Oman and Qatar. She was associated with the Birla Public School, Doha and the Al Rakaib Training Institute in Muscat. Prior to that she held several positions in prestigious schools in Delhi and Kanpur.

In 2009, Shalini was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and started her first online brand Pitara India. This initiative to promote the essence of Indian Ethnic Culture using technology was a remarkable success which began her journey into similar online concepts such as Fashion Jigsaw.

Technology aptitude surfaced during this period and she start consulting services on enabling online businesses and soon forayed into investment with talent she cam across during this period. She has adeptly guided unique E-commerce concepts in the B2B sphere from start-up through operations and acquisition.

In 2006, Shalini founded Simpra Holdings Limited to channel funds to ventures in Technology, Industrial Electronics, Retail Consumer Services, Food & Beverages and Start-up ideas.

In the same year she also established a system integration company to offer solutions and services on Communication and Big Data platform.

In 2017, she ushered in an innovative concept for Japanese food by establishing the first Yugo Shushi restaurant that now has two locations in Dubai and soon to be launched in Oman and UK.

Shalini brings pragmatic vision, entrepreneurial zeal, and sharp business acumen to help Simpra companies achieve their plans and economic value.
Her philanthropic activities have benefitted segments of society that need financial help and emotional support.

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